Task Force 7 Radio: Nick Stamos

Nick Stamos

CEO of E-Share

Nicholas Stamos co-founded his fourth company, e-Share in July of 2012, Stamos has raised over $10M in non-institutional monies. Investors include top executives at Zoom, Cisco, Microsoft, Broadcom, Space-X, TD Ameritrade, and TCW. He has 9 patents issues over his career, and holds a BSEE and MSEE from Tufts University. His previous companies have return over $1B in returns to investors.

His passion is building, leading and motivating great teams, by recruiting the smartest, highly motivated and passionate people, to create companies that deliver solutions that solve the most challenging problems facing the biggest enterprises today.

Nick Stamos talks about the problematic regulatory approach to Cyber Security, he gives his opinion on whether or not there is a Cyber Security bubble, and he talks about what CISO's have to do manage the large transformation to cloud computing. Host George Rettas follows up on some of the criticisms some of his female guests face on social media and discusses why some professionals are so sensitive over the term "cyber security expert".


Episode #21


Are we in a Cyber Security Bubble?